Hibernation meet

Ashlyn McClure running the 1500 Steeple chase 

On April 25th our Track and Field team traveled to Carlton Place to compete in the annual Hibernation Meet. Although it rained, every athlete showed tremendous school spirit and supported each other. This years track team is the biggest it has ever been. With amazing athletes participating  in many events.

Special congratulations to our midgets: Morgan Barkey for getting 3rd in long jump (3.86 m), and Mallory Gale for getting 1st in Javelin (19.90 m).  Kelson Hart for getting 3rd in boys Javelin (33.10 m), and Jacob Zekorn 3rd in shotput (10.17 m).

Kaylee Senack placed 2nd in the 100 m hurdles for our senior girls getting a time of 17.40 s, and Ashlyn McClure got 3rd in 1500 steeplechase with a time of 6:05:00.

SJHS for the Win


Congratulations to Ethan Prang and Victoria Westlake for being the only grade nines in SJHS to win in their division, bringing home the gold medal. They battled hard and came out on top,  with the score being 21-18, against RCI’s Justin Schutt and Tyleena Coulterman.

The team as a whole displayed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm. They played their hardest and were great representatives for our school!

Good job to everybody who participated in this tournament!


Badminton Coming Soon


On April 11th the Grade 9 badminton teams, competitive and recreational, will be travelling to BSCHS (Bishop Smith Catholic High School), in Pembroke, to compete in the badminton tournament.

Playing for our competitive team is;

Girls Singles: Mallory Gale

Boys Singles: Andrew Searson and Jacob Miller

Girls Doubles: Megan Kingsbury with Shana Beauchamp, Mackenzie Neuman with Madison Maika

Boys Double: Joel Ryan with James Huckabone

Playing for the recreational team is;

Boys Singles: Brayden Belaire

Girls Doubles: Delaney Gray with Olivia Dedo, Paige Petroskie with Maddie

Boys Doubles: Gabriel Huyer with Noah Lee

Mixed Doubles: Ethan Prang with Victoria Westlake

Good luck to everybody competing!



Balling Their Way To Prom

IMG_2048.JPGOn Friday, March 24th students JP Cassanto and Rachel Blackburn organized the second annual basketball tournament, a fundraiser in which all proceeds went to prom. In total there were 9 teams, and raised $900. Rachel and JP were very happy with all the students who gave their afternoon for this event.

The Spectacles, a team made up of teachers, including Mr. O’Connor, Mr. MacMahon, Mr. Hulk, Mr. Mcyintyre, Mrs. Turcotte, Ms. Gram, and Ms. Cahill, beat Nerds On Sight. They won with a score of 1-0, on which Mr. O’Connor shot the winning basket.

Team flint tropics with players Maddy O’Neill, Jacob Freemark, Lindsay Fulton, Evan Zohr and Jacob Booth won best dressed, in their Hawaiian skirts.

Every team showed great sportsmanship, good job students.



Grade 8 Girls Basketball Tournamnet

        On Monday February 27th, SJHS hosted a grade eight girls basketball tournament with 10 schools from all over Renfrew County. Every team showed great sportsmanship and fellowship. The last four teams still competing in the tournament were Eganville Eagles, St. Joseph’s Jaguars, RCI Raiders and St. Josephs Guardians.

         Competing in the finals was the Guardians vs the Raiders, leaving third place for the Jags or the Eagles. During the exciting finals the Guardians came out on top with a close score of 4-2. Third place game was an intense battle between the Jags and the Eagles, with the Eagles finishing off with a score of 7-6. Good job to all the girls who participated!


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