Former Professional Lacrosse Player Teaches Grade Eights A Thing Or Two!


On Wednesday, October 17th a former professional lacrosse player named Bruce Codd came to the school, and taught the grade eights a bit about the game how to play it.

 On Wednesday October 17th Dan St.Micheal’s grade 8 class had the opportunity to try Canada’s national sport out with Bruce Codd during their gym period.

  “I had so much fun today and i learned so much. I really hope we get the chance to play again sometime – Annie stcyr”

   Bruce also said “this has to be one of my favourite parts of my job, going around to schools and giving kids a chance to try out the sport and hopfully having a bit of fun”

    The grade eights had a fun time and really enjoyed meeting Bruce and learning about the sport.

World Girls Hockey Weekend

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On Thursday, October 4th, St. Josephs participated in World Girls Hockey Weekend, hosting two events; a Skill’s Surge clinic, a floor ball tournament in our school gym, and on-ice games at Mateway.

This is an international event promoted by IIHF and Hockey Canada, in hopes of getting young girls interested in hockey.

“Teams, groups, and associations can join in the Canada-wide skill session. Shaped by practice plans derived from the Hockey Canada Network.”  – Hockey Canada promotional video


By Hailey Murray


St. Joe’s Volleyball Tri-meet day

By Sam Dunn

Primary Reporter

On October 2nd 2018, the Saint Joseph’s Jaguars junior boys volleyball team and senior boys volleyball team had their first tri-meet. This tri-meet was held at Bishop Smith in Pembroke, ON.

The boys played three teams: Bishop Smith Catholic High School, Mackenzie High School, and Opeongo High School.

The junior boys had a good day of volleyball with one win out of the three games. The first game Bishop beat St. Joe’s in a very close game where Bishop won 3-2 in sets of best of 5. The next game St Joe’s won against Mackenzie 3-1. The last game was the toughest where Opeongo beat Sjhs 3-0. Captain Marcus Legnaro had some thoughts on the day.

The first game was a tough one, we brought it to overtime but fell short. I’m glad we brought it all out the next game and won.”

The senior boys volleyball team also played the same three teams as the juniors. The senior boys won all three games against each team. Player Joel Ryan had this to say:

I’m happy with the outcome of our games today. Good job to the team we needed these wins.”

Both squads have practice tomorrow at 2:30 in the Jaguars gym.



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St. Joseph’s has been making numerous expansions following the commencement of the new school year; a new gymnasium floor, plans for a building expansion, and the launch of new clubs are just a few of the improvements.  

One club that is new to SJHS is The Fitness Club, ran by Mrs. Cahill, Madame Schneider, and Mrs. Briscoe. The Fitness Club is a co-ed program that is meant to get students active, especially those that want to stay fit but currently aren’t involved in sports. The club will work on teaching students proper technique with equipment as well as body-weight exercises.

Any students that are interested in being a part of this club can expect it to start next week in the Jaguar Conditioning Centre after school, the actual date to be announced soon.

Gym Class Fitness Testing

IMG_1760In our gym courses here at Saint Joseph’s improving is one of top priorities and what we would like to see our students do.


Aside from improving in your basic sport skills like passing a ball or shooting one we do fitness testing to test your athletic capabilities.


Fitness testing includes a variety of activities working out all of your body, your skills, and finding out new techniques.


Some of these sporting tests include the beep test, wall ball agility, vertical leap, Illinois test, grip strength as well as many more activities testing your abilities.


“ I believe it’s a good idea because it allows students of all abilities to find out their abilities as well as allowing the teachers to know their students strengths and weaknesses. ” – ( Student )


Teachers ask their students perform these tests to explore more about their bodies as well as practicing their abilities like agility and reaction times.


“ I found out that I can do way more than I expected my body to do thanks to these series of tests. ” – Brayden Clarke ( Student )


Fitness testing is done twice during the semester, once at the start and once towards the end of the semester. All these tests are recorded by the students and compared to the ones recorded at the end, we do this so students can see how they improved over the class time and to inspire them to work hard and take the class again.

Junior Boys Hockey take home the trophy for the third year in a row

7650979824_IMG_4347On Thursday March 29, the Junior boys hockey team competed in the tournament that took place at Mataway in Renfrew. The boys played three very high speed games, the first game against Renfrew Collegiate Institute ( RCI )   with a score of 5-0, the second game against Arnprior District High School ( ADHS ) with a score of 4-1, and theIR final championship game against Bishop Smith Catholic High School (BSCHS) with a final score of 3-1. Continue reading “Junior Boys Hockey take home the trophy for the third year in a row”

Varsity Boys Hockey team off to OFSAA

IMG_5609On Monday March 19th, the Boys varsity hockey team travelled to Collingwood to compete in OFSAA. After winning EOSSAA, the jags were pretty pumped to be going into the next level of competition. They played four outstanding teams, St. Charles College from Sudbury(7-1), Henry Street High School from Whitby(3-2), Iona Catholic Secondary High School from Mississauga(3-1), and Nelson Secondary High School from Burlington(4-2). The boys returned with no wins but played until the end and never gave up. Continue reading “Varsity Boys Hockey team off to OFSAA”


FullSizeRender (1)

ARNPRIOR- At 3:30pm the Varsity boys hockey EOSSAA finals started for our St. Joe’s Jags. They started and ended giving it 100% effort which lead to their victory win 5-0. Top scorer was Nick Crozier who topped it off with 3 goals.

The boys sent a few hard hits against the boards leading by Isaac Enright, didn’t back down from a fight. As the game went on the boys could finally feel all of their hard work paying off from the season. Waiting on the bench and eager to play, each time skates hit the ice there was no stopping them. From breakaways to assists they had the crowd on their feet the entire game, a view from the sidelines had Delaney Gray at the edge of her seat, “Nerve racking, rough and very intense watching from the penalty box” she added.

The laughs, cheers, grunts and hard work was all what is was about. Every coach was extremely proud of the boys every shift they had, aside from a few bad calls, the coaches were very happy with game. Near the end of the game player #40, Andrew Searson summed up how he played and viewed the game, “It feels good going to

OFSAA, not many high school students get this opportunity so I’m not going to take it for granted and play hard every game”.

Our school spirit will continue on with the boys while they carry on their journey to OFSAA on Tuesday March 20th in Collingwood. Good luck boys!

Boys Varsity Hockey EOSSAA Champs

7516826576_IMG_2860The Boys Varsity hockey team traveled to Arnprior for EOSSAA on Tuesday, March 6, for the second year in a row, after they won counties. The Jags took on Sydenham Kingston for their first game, the final score was 4-1.  The second game they took St. Mary’s Brockville, and the final score was 4-1. The two wins ensured the Jags with a spot in the finals in EOSSAA. With a very intense final game, the Jaguars pulled off a victory 5-0, and were declared EOSSAA Champions!! Continue reading “Boys Varsity Hockey EOSSAA Champs”

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