Grade 8 Girls Basketball Tournamnet

        On Monday February 27th, SJHS hosted a grade eight girls basketball tournament with 10 schools from all over Renfrew County. Every team showed great sportsmanship and fellowship. The last four teams still competing in the tournament were Eganville Eagles, St. Joseph’s Jaguars, RCI Raiders and St. Josephs Guardians.

         Competing in the finals was the Guardians vs the Raiders, leaving third place for the Jags or the Eagles. During the exciting finals the Guardians came out on top with a close score of 4-2. Third place game was an intense battle between the Jags and the Eagles, with the Eagles finishing off with a score of 7-6. Good job to all the girls who participated!

Senior Girls Volleyball

On Thursday December 15th , the senior  girls volleyball team played in the jag den against Bishop Smith Catholic School from Pembroke. The girls played a well game with lots of talking and movement and skills and in the end came out on top with 3-0 set win. Next week before Christmas break, both senior and junior teams will travel too Opeongo High school too play OHS.

Another game in the den!

Tonight our junior and senior girls volleyball team will play against Bishop Smith High school here in our gym starting with the junior girls at 3 pm and the seniors after that game.

No promises on the senior girls time that they play but their game will be after the junior game. Play hard like always ladies and do your best!

Facing a known opponent 

Wrestling a team mate sucks. It really does and there is no way you can deny it because after one of you wins there is always the knowledge sitting in the back of your head that one of you is better.

The knowledge of knowing that the other on is better than you on the mat can drive you mad and lead you to a hatred for said team mate, and although that may not be the case for everyone that has happened to me.

In my past years I’ve had to consistently wrestle one of my team mates and I have definitely lost but I’ve also have won a couple of times. Typically when you lose to one person a lot it feels a lot better to win but if they’re on your team winning against them or losing against them does not effect you as much compared to winning or losing against a random opponent. I think this effect happens because you see your team mate almost everyday. You know how they train, and you train with them so when you step on the mat it’s almost like you’re back at practice.

When I step on the mat and I’m to be wrestling my team mate it’s helps me if I pretend that they’re not my team mate, to pretend that I have no idea who that person is, because than you’re not afraid to hold back and you are more likely to wrestle your hardest. What I’m trying to say is that you have to separate your emotions from your choices on the mat.

The ability to separate your emotions from decisions made on the mat is not a skill that you can develop over night and it take a lot of time to develop and even me, a wrestler that been wrestling for eight years, finds it hard sometimes.

The Last Game Before Christmas! 

The Junior Boys Basketball team will play their last game before Christmas on Tuesday December 20th. This game will be played against Bishop Catholic High School(BSCHS) and will be played at BSCHS.

Hope you guys call pull off another win and keep the winning streak. Good Luck Junior Jags!!

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