IMG_1760In our gym courses here at Saint Joseph’s improving is one of top priorities and what we would like to see our students do.


Aside from improving in your basic sport skills like passing a ball or shooting one we do fitness testing to test your athletic capabilities.


Fitness testing includes a variety of activities working out all of your body, your skills, and finding out new techniques.


Some of these sporting tests include the beep test, wall ball agility, vertical leap, Illinois test, grip strength as well as many more activities testing your abilities.


“ I believe it’s a good idea because it allows students of all abilities to find out their abilities as well as allowing the teachers to know their students strengths and weaknesses. ” – ( Student )


Teachers ask their students perform these tests to explore more about their bodies as well as practicing their abilities like agility and reaction times.


“ I found out that I can do way more than I expected my body to do thanks to these series of tests. ” – Brayden Clarke ( Student )


Fitness testing is done twice during the semester, once at the start and once towards the end of the semester. All these tests are recorded by the students and compared to the ones recorded at the end, we do this so students can see how they improved over the class time and to inspire them to work hard and take the class again.